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Grundschule am Wasserturm, Karlsruhe, Germany. Architect: Habermann Decker, 2015.

Grundschule am Wasserturm, Karlsruhe, Germany. Architect: Habermann Decker, 2015.
: Side elevation of zinc clad facade and fenestration. Grundschule am Wasserturm, Karlsruhe, Germany. Architect: Habermann Decker, 2015.
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:Christian Richters/VIEW
:Grundschule am Wasserturm
:Grundschule am Wasserturm, Karlsruhe, Germany. Architect: Habermann Decker, 2015.
:Habermann Decker
:Primary School
:VIEW Architecture
:The Grundschule am Wasserturm with its significant, three-dimensional building formulation, creates an unmistakable appearance at the transition from the city park to the new city district. The building’s geometry follows the polygonal course of the street. The main entrance is oriented towards the historic water tower and the public square which can be included spatially and functionally at school events. The building was realized in two construction phases. The first construction phase is organized around a central access hall, while the second construction phase encloses an inner courtyard. Two spaces, one indoor and one outdoor facilitate a great quality for the school community. The two-storey foyer becomes the lively center of the school with a variety of uses. The foyer is a meeting point for students and teachers during the breaks, but also a representative place for events (lectures, celebrations, etc.). Both the dining room with adjoining kitchen for catering purposes and the multi-purpose room or lounge can be connected to the foyer. The circulation area around the central space is to be used for varying programs, but also serves as work and rest areas. A wide staircase with seating steps connects the two floors in the foyer and becomes an invigorating and communicative element. The clear organization concept creates independent areas in the overall form. All higher-level rooms with direct external reference are located on the ground floor (lounge, dining room, multi-purpose room). All classrooms as well as the teaching and administration area are located on the first floor. Access to the sports hall is on the ground floor via a small separate foyer and allows views over the field. This foyer is connected to the foyer of the primary school, but has direct access for external users (club sports) from Hedwig-Kettler-Straße. The spatially differentiated outdoor spaces (inner courtyard, roof terrace, area facing the city park) allow the children to experience the building and its surroundings in all dimensions.
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