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CÓRDOBA 223, Mexico City, Mexico. Architect: BAAQ , 2019.

CÓRDOBA 223, Mexico City, Mexico. Architect: BAAQ , 2019.
: Apartment interior - bedroom view. CÓRDOBA 223, Mexico City, Mexico. Architect: BAAQ , 2019.
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:Edmund Sumner/VIEW
:CÓRDOBA 223, Mexico City, Mexico. Architect: BAAQ , 2019.
:Mexico City
:Apartments Flats
:VIEW Architecture
:Cordoba 223 was built in 1953 and abandoned in 1986. Since its original design, it was conceived as a three-level residential building with 6 rowhouses and 6 apartments allocated in two different buildings. This intervention presented great complexity as many different types of work had to be carried out. We had to build a new foundation as well as the main structural elements due to the most important earthquakes which affected the city (1985, 2017). An abandoned building gained a new life, through 15 new apartments redistributed through the side patio and two retail shops at street level, this new configuration was the greatest challenge by increasing the livable area but preserving the essence of the original building, the strategy was adding 6 new volumes above the roofs of the original townhouses which connect to the two apartment buildings through bridges and corridors.
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:General view
:Edmund Sumner