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Casa en Puigcerda, Puigcerda, Spain. Architect: AVA Studio SCP , 2019.

Casa en Puigcerda, Puigcerda, Spain. Architect: AVA Studio SCP , 2019.
: Looking toward the dinning and living room from the kitchen window. Casa en Puigcerda, Puigcerda, Spain. Architect: AVA Studio SCP , 2019.
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:Casa en Puigcerda
:Casa en Puigcerda, Puigcerda, Spain. Architect: AVA Studio SCP , 2019.
:AVA Studio SCP
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:The Cerdanya Valley is of vast extension and features a large urban plan which includes the Cerdanya Golf. The architectural context: The first phase of the golf residential with its housing development dates from 1960´s and was carried out by the architect Antonio Bonet Castellana, which provided a high-value cultural environment. The house seeks the horizontality of its volumes and according to its context frames the distant views towards the Sierra del Cadí also horizontally. The volume is located at the bottom of a plot, with the longest and most open facade facing south and mountain views. This arrangement allows the project to be protected from the north winds, its compactness optimises its thermal behaviour. Apart from the distant views, the relationship with the existing forest has also been sought, contributing more richness both in the interior and exterior spaces and provides vies of the wheat fields in the north, which can be observed from the inside through a sequence of vertical openings. At the formal level it works from a basic unit. Choose as a reference the gabled ship, a typical animal farm construction, which can be seen at various locations in the valley. We were interested in exploring how this simple construction can be developed to adapt to the needs of both the cultural and physical context and the client's needs program (AVA Studio SCP) Energy certification A. Sustainability criteria: minimum ecological footprint, proximity or reused materials, optimization of construction processes, geothermal, ...
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