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Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia. Architect: Various Architecs, 1977.

Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia. Architect: Various Architecs, 1977.
: Block 61. The Panodian Sailboat. Housing blocks designed by Darko and Milena Marusic and Milan Miodragovic (1971-1973). Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia. Architect: Various Architecs, 1977.
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:Inigo Bujedo Aguirre/VIEW
:Novi Beograd
:Novi Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia. Architect: Various Architecs, 1977.
:Novi Beograd
:Various Architecs
:Social Housing
:VIEW Architecture
:Novi Beograd – or ‘New Belgrade’ – is a post-war planned municipality built opposite Old Belgrade, on the west bank of the Sava River. Construction began in 1948, and by 1951 already 100,000 workers and engineers, ranging from village labourers shipped in by bus to Belgrade’s own student volunteers, had participated in the project. With over 200,000 residents, today it is Serbia’s second most populous urban municipality. Novi Beograd is relentlessly Modernist in style. Its 70-or-so residential blocks stack in concrete cubes and towers along the sides of clean, wide boulevards; in between startling, space-age buildings like the Sava Centar, Palata Srbije, the Ušće Tower and Hotel Jugoslavija. In the same way that Yugoslavia’s WWII memorial sites were typically focussed on themes of futurism (built in abstract shapes that often resembled rockets, stars and flying saucers) so too was Novi Beograd – the capital’s brand new CBD and thus a marker for Yugoslavia’s post-war economic ambition – designed to look, quite literally, like a city of the future.
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:Full Frame
:General view
:Inigo Bujedo Aguirre